The Old Ways and New Beginnings Of Agriculture

Sustainability Practices Within The Workplace

by Aubrey Owens

Green efforts include saving natural resources, reducing pollution and the use of toxins, cleaning up the environment, and acquiring goods through agricultural efforts. Because climate change is an imminent danger to the world, you can do your part as a business owner and implement some sustainability practices within the workplace.

Recycled Materials And Composting

Purchasing canned and bottled beverages and plastic-wrapped snacks that are going to be used to fill vending machines that your employees use will contribute to the amount of trash that is disposed of. Instead of investing in these types of products, purchase ones through a local supplier that offers recycled packaging for beverages and snacks. Replace unhealthy snacks with ones that are grown locally and that do not contain additives.

For shipping materials, paper products, tape, and writing materials, seek supplies that are made with post-consumer content. If you do gardening on the premises and enjoy adding bursts of color near the front entrance of your business, set up a composting bin.

Composted materials can be used as fertilizer and won't cost you anything to acquire. Coffee grounds, eggshells, vegetable and fruit rinds, and paper products can be added to the bin and will eventually turn into a rich dark substance that is similar to soil. Use the compost to nourish each plant that is on your property.

Less Water And Electric Waste And Non-Toxic Alternatives

Assess how your business is currently operated. If you have large machinery on the premises and the equipment hasn't been serviced for a while, the emissions that each machine produces are affecting the cleanliness of the air. Have machines serviced and look for alternate equipment that uses less water and electricity to operate.

Avoid purchasing toxic materials and cleansers, which are needed for the production of goods or for tidying up the inside of your building. Purchase green materials and cleansers, which are each manufactured with materials that are naturally found in the environment.

Encouragement To Others

Your sustainability practices can be implemented during working hours, but maybe you would like to encourage your employees to take part in a better way of living, by asking that they continue the practices at home. Compile some statistics that relate to the effects of pollution and waste and the differences that can be achieved by making smarter choices.

Present this information to your employees and discuss the recent changes that you have made within your business plan and the benefits that they have provided. Your employees may strive toward a better future, by recycling, composting, picking up trash, planting and harvesting crops, and being conscious of wastefulness. 

Learn more about climate change solutions by reaching out to sustainability resources in your area.