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Three Places For A Hotel To Use Mulch

by Aubrey Owens

If you run a hotel and are making some changes to the landscaping on your property, there are lots of ways that you can proceed. One popular option is to use mulch in a number of areas. There are several different types of mulch on the market, which means that you can choose what material you want and even what color will work on your property. A local mulch supplier can visit your hotel's grounds to take note of the size of the areas you want to cover with mulch, and then provide you with an estimate of how much you'll need. Here are three places to use mulch on hotel property.

Flower Beds

Hotels often have flower beds in several areas. It's common to have flower beds along the walkway that leads up to the front doors, near outdoor patio spaces, and in other spots. These can all be good spots to consider adding mulch. Regardless of what type of mulch you choose, it will be an asset in weed control. If your maintenance staff currently spends a lot of time pulling weeds to make your property's flower beds look their best, you can expect that this task will be necessary far less often once you have your mulch in place.

Parking Lot Islands

A lot of hotels have parking lot islands in numerous locations. These are raised areas that have a curb around them. Many hotel parking lot islands have grass, which requires regular maintenance to look tidy. Another good way to consider using mulch on your hotel property is to remove the grass on the parking lot islands and put down mulch. It can still offer a stylish and tidy look, but it won't add another weekly task for your maintenance staff.

Children's Play Area

If your hotel has an outdoor children's play area, which is a popular outdoor feature at many hotels, mulch can be a useful product in this space. Think of its advantages beneath a play structure or swing set, for example. It provides a soft landing spot, particularly if you use rubber mulch, for children as they play. Whereas grass and dirt in these areas can stain children's clothing, which some parents won't be happy about, rubber mulch won't lead to these issues.

Reach out to a local mulch service, such as Lincoln Sand & Rock, to learn more about using mulch at your hotel.